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Welcome to Second Hand Rings UK!  A Huge Selection of Used Rings Online!  Cheap Rings by Mail Order!  Make Your Money Go Further and Pick Up a Great Deal on Our Rings!  Paypal Accepted!

Second Hand Rings UK are an authorised eBay affiliate and we are delighted to bring together for you an extensive second hand ring range available on eBay along with some unbeatable savings!

Please scroll to the foot of the page to view our showcase. We stock an extensive catalogue and are confident that if we don’t have the ring you’re looking for on this page, we’re sure to on the next.

Our listings are fully searchable. Just scroll to the top of the page, type the item you’re looking for into the text box, hit search and we’ll do our best to find it for you. Alternatively, click the links to the left to browse our second hand ring categories.

Used Rings


Why buy second hand?

Second hand rings are a great investment in today’s times of economic uncertainty. The world over, people are buying gold as a tangible, concrete investment. As supply runs lower and lower, the price of gold is set only to increase. A second hand ring makes not only a great nest egg, but gives hours of pleasure to its owner.

It’s fair to say that, just like a car being driven off a garage forecourt, a ring depreciates in value from the moment it is slipped on a finger, be that your finger or someone else’s. By purchasing a pre-owned ring you can turn this around to your advantage. With the huge mark-ups imposed by some High Street jewellers, a second hand ring represents great value for money, not to mention craftsmanship and individuality often lacking in today’s mass-produced pieces. In vintage and antique rings, the workmanship and attention to detail can be simply amazing, and far too costly for manufacturers to try to emulate today, if indeed they are able to replicate these methods and designs at all. Whereas most pieces fall off a factory line today, in days gone by fine jewellery was made by hand by highly skilled artisans.

Second Hand Rings

When buying a used ring, there are several factors to consider. Where semi-precious and precious stones, particularly diamonds, are included, buyers do well to remember the ‘Four Cs’.



Stones are measured in carats. Carat refers to the weight of the stone rather than its dimensions, which can sometimes be misleading. Generally, the larger the carat, the higher the commercial value of the stone, however this need not necessarily be so. The remaining three Cs all have a huge part to play in determining the value of a semi-precious or precious stone.


The colour of a stone, particularly diamonds, rubies and sapphires, is integral to deciphering that gem’s value. The conventional diamond colour is white, of course, however diamonds actually come in several hues. Coloured diamonds go in and out of fashion. The canary yellows so sought after in the Fifties are less popular today. At the same time, pink and blue diamonds are very much en vogue now whilst they were less popular in the past. So far as rubies go, the blood red Burmese ruby is always a safe bet, set never to go out of style. That isn’t to say the wonderful raspberry-toned stones are any less desirable, however. It’s all a matter of personal taste. With sapphires, the most highly prized colouration is the brilliant royal blue of the Ceylon sapphire, though many prefer the cornflower blue and even lilac shades. The padparascha sapphire is a wonderful shade of peachy pink and is very highly regarded by gem merchants the world over. If the other three Cs are met, colour is more a matter of personal preference. Though conventional colourations are the safest bet, if you’re looking for a piece to wear with a bit of individuality, a non-conventional coloured stone might just be for you.


This is arguably the most important consideration in determining the value of a stone. Most stones have natural inclusions of one sort or another, particularly emeralds and sapphires. Where these are invisible to the naked eye, little problem is caused. Indeed, in star sapphires and star rubies these are what cause the starburst effect and are actually a plus rather than a minus. Almost all emeralds feature inclusion which doesn’t stop them being one of the most sought after precious stones of all time. However, where inclusions are visible this presents a problem and can drastically reduce the value of a stone


The cut of a stone can be its making or downfall. Diamonds come in a range of cuts, from princess to trillion; baguette to brilliant. When found in its raw state, the stone is assessed and the cut is made, taking into account shape and clarity. Brilliant cut diamonds give a dazzling sparkle, whereas some prefer an understated emerald cut. Choosing a ring according to the stones cut is, of course, a matter of personal taste, but the most important thing to consider is that the cut should show the gemstone off to its very, very best.

Besides these considerations in relation to precious stones, there are two other matters to consider in selecting second hand or antique rings. Firstly, the condition of the ring is paramount. It is possible to have small scratches buffed out by an expert, but great wear or damage is best avoided. Where stones are damaged, these can be especially difficult to put right and may require replacement. Diamonds are extremely hard wearing. However, where they feature an inclusion they feature a fault, and a hard knock in the wrong spot can break them, as can great extremes of temperature. Precious stones, such as sapphires or rubies, are harder and more hard wearing than semi-precious stones, such as topaz or pearl, these stones can still show wear over time. Having said that, the above is all the more reason why a well cared for piece of vintage jewellery makes such a wonderful find today. The other point to consider is the character of the piece. Vintage and antique rings often feature amazing workmanship and detail completely absent from their mass-produced contemporaries. Their quality, along with ever growing scarcity and individuality, make antique rings so highly prized and longed for today.

Cheap Rings

Caring for Antique and Vintage Rings

We use our hands constantly and our rings are susceptible to damage as we go about our day to day lives. There’s no easy remedy. We could leave all of our jewellery at home, of course, but would take little pleasure from it shut up in a box. Catching a bracelet on a door handle is not something we can reasonably plan against. Nonetheless, much damage to jewellery is caused not accidentally, but unwittingly. For example, exposing pearls to perfume and hairspray causes them great harm. So here are a few pointers to help you get the best from your rings, and keep them sparkling for years to come.

Opals are very fragile – this is perhaps one stone that should be kept for special occasions as they cannot take hard knocks.
Cameos wear relatively quickly and really aren’t suitable for everyday wear.

Where a high carat of gold is worn, it can wear quite quickly. It is better not to wear another ring of a lower carat on the next finger as this will only speed up the process.

Don’t style your hair wearing your rings. Hair products may dull or damage the stones. Slip them back on when you’re done.

Never wear your rings whilst carrying out domestic work. Even if you wear rubber gloves, water and chemicals may still seep in and this will still not protect precious stones from knocks, not to mention steep temperature changes.

Extremes in temperature make metals expand and retract. The result could affect your ring’s claws and settings leading to loss or damage to stones. A number of precious and semi-precious stones are susceptible to shattering on exposure to hot water.

Several stones, such as turquoise and topaz, fade in strong sunlight – certainly not one for the beach.

Our listings are fully searchable. Just scroll to the top of the page, type the item you’re looking for into the text box, hit search and we’ll do our best to find it for you. Alternatively, click the links to the left to browse our second hand ring categories.

We are pleased to offer some amazing savings on our second hand rings as well as mail order delivery. Scroll down to view our showcase of items available on eBay today and take advantage of some fantastic savings. Be sure to bookmark us as our second hand ring catalogue is updated each and every day. If we don’t have the second hand ring of your dreams here today, we’re sure to have it tomorrow.